SaaS Hosting Services

SaaS Hosting Services

Access your software and resources with our state of the art Software as a Service (SaaS) and enter a new digital world.


SaaS or Software as a Service, in general, is nothing but the ability you provide your customers to access to your applications over the internet without the need of installing those applications on their systems. Thus, SaaS eliminates the need for high-end hardware and also saves your customers from the hassles of installation it on their system. It is one of the crucial components of cloud computing that has been allowing companies to host their applications other the servers like ours and make a global presence of their applications. This also helps cancels the high costs of high-end hardware for running the software and building an infrastructure for the same. We provide a great infrastructure to host all your applications and make it available to your customers at a very low cost virtually. We also take care of automatic updates and perform regular patches in order to keep the service run flawlessly.


SaaS Services Features

Low Cost, More Benefit

We offer you the benefit of pay as you use model. You can host a bunch of applications without spending any amount on buying expensive hardware and resources. Other than that we provide you APIs and configure everything up for you free of cost additionally a good thing about that is there are no hardware costs.

We care for you

Our agreement is not only linked to paper but by hearts. We are there to monitor everything that is hosted on our servers is working properly without any issues. We assure faster upgrades, provide a better uptime and also makes resources secure up for you to make it a better hosting environment.

Ease of use

Our Software as a Service provides the user with a very user-friendly interface to manage all their applications and those are accessible with your favorite web browser. Anyone with a basic knowledge of internet can access it with ease.

Backed by Experts

The SaaS service we offer is managed and assisted by a professional team of experts that are responsible for everything related to hosting your applications on our Ctrl A Hosting Platform. They assist you with anything, anytime and will solve the issue you are facing within few minutes depending on the severity.

Cross Compatibility

We make sure that all your applications reach globally to your every single customer and can be accessed through any device with an Internet connection enabled such as mobile, desktops, smart televisions, tablets and more!

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