Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting

Get Private Cloud at the cost of a Public cloud with Managed Cloud Hosting from Ctrl A Hosting


What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

Today every other company has their business online on a cloud, be it shared cloud, private or dedicated servers every cloud must be managed properly in order to keep it up and running. If you don't manage your cloud then it will be difficult to keep the pace and continuous growth of your business as an unmanaged cloud might become the pain in your neck. Thus, you can either manage the cloud by yourself or by hiring some professional IT experts that charge a lot of money and keep your expenses high, or you can rely on Ctrl A Hosting for the management of your clouds and servers to keep them managed and running. By this way, you can always focus on your business other than spending your precious time and effort in the management of your cloud that is not a part of your business. With managed cloud hosting you get the opportunity to make your business grow at a faster pace and make greater profits in less time as you are completely focusing on your business other than the IT. We offer a very reliable managed cloud service assigned to our professional IT engineers that will take care of your IT at very reasonable costs.


Managed Cloud Hosting Features

Cost Effective

Managing cloud is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort as well as time. Even if you hire an IT engineer to manage your cloud individually, it will cost you a lot and increase the overall expenses of your business. That's where the Managed cloud hosting comes to rescue. Our Managed Cloud Services are very economical, reliable and also fully managed by our professional team of experts to make you focus on your business leaving the IT work for us.

Automated Resource Management

Managed cloud hosting provides a full automation of all your resources and you don't have to worry about anything related to your cloud servers. Taken care by our expert IT team, they always ensure that everything is working properly without any issues or errors. All the protocols are automated and changed according to your needs and requirements without your notice. This makes everything easy to manage and promotes continuous workflow.

Better Security

Securing your resources must be the first and foremost priority that should be implemented for your business to keep moving forward. Thus, with our managed cloud services you get enterprise-grade security at the cost of a shared cloud. This ensures all your data is safe and protected from any kind of vulnerabilities

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Now you can ensure the total security of your clouds with the managed clouds solution. It is one of the most reliable management that ensure that the resources you produce are in safer hands, maintained regularly, well managed and always has error checks and fixed with state of the art monitoring technology that we offer.

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