Joomla Website Hosting

Joomla Website Hosting

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) founded back in the year 2003 with the main aim of making websites better and more professional. Over 50 million plus people are currently using Joomla for running their websites. It is also considered one of the most popular Contents Management System after WordPress because of many advanced features like page caching, RSS feeds, CAPTCHA integration, Multi-Lingual Support, Blog support and the list goes on. With this many features, it clearly has a lot to offer to its users. Starting from the basic, creating and publishing a blog on Joomla is as easy as writing an essay on your favorite topic. You need not be a developer, programmer or having the knowledge of coding in order to create a website, all you need to know is to copy, paste and hit the publish button, it's that simple! Being an open-source project and run by the community, it has plenty of features to offer. Like WordPress, it also supports tons of extensions and themes divided into different categories in order to make you find what you need. Managing your website content with Joomla cannot be easier, it features a user-friendly interface and many options to create, edit and delete the content with ease. Joomla is not only related to blogs, but you can also use it to open your eCommerce store. It has many tools to easily manage your online store by providing you with many tools, third-party components, Payment gateways, Shipping cart, checkouts and more. These tools make it even more productive and useful for people who want a great online presence of their store. Joomla has a strong user community of developers, supporters and millions of users that trust Joomla today. Joomla developers make it a better place for website owners by providing them with a more safe and secure platform they can trust. Apart from being secure and productive, it has built-in SEO tools to make your website rank better on the Internet. SEO optimization is very crucial nowadays to make your website popular and discoverable by users around the globe.

Joomla Hosting plan

Various key skins of a Joomla Website Hosting

Powerful and easy to manage

Many powerful and feature loaded CMS isn't necessarily easy to use. Joomla, on the other hand, being a powerful Content Management System is also very easy to use. It has a pretty basic interface that does not require any knowledge of coding, programming etc. and anyone with the basic knowledge of internet can easily use to and manage their website.

Open-Source Framework

Open-Source software powers most of the internet and Joomla being one of them. The advantages of being an open-source project are huge. It has a community of professionally skilled developers and designers that make it better each day by working together and helping beginners start their website with ease. PHP and MySQL are the scripting language that powers Joomla and makes it pretty easy for developers across the globe to help develop it, make it better and secure. Hosted on Apache Web Server makes it 100% open-source in nature.

SEO friendly

It is a necessity today to make websites and content Search Engine Friendly (SEO). If you need your website to be discovered, then SEO will be the key factor in doing that. With a built-in Search Engine Optimization tools, Joomla helps its users website to be discovered easily by search engines in order to increase the traffic to the website.

Exceptionally Customizable

With the huge collections of themes and extensions, it undoubtedly offers a great scope in customization field. There are many useful pre-installed as well as other extensions ready for you to install on your website for free of cost. With all new design, themes add a unique look and feel to your website and make it appealing to the users who are visiting your website and make them visit it again and again.


Benefits of Joomla Website Hosting

  • Powerful and Robust
  • SEO Friendly with other SEO tools
  • Support for thousands of Plug-ins
  • Support for eCommerce and all another kind of websites
  • Deep Navigation feature
  • Useful menu Creation tool
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Backed by huge community of developers
  • Regular Security Updates
  • Easily manages large amount of traffic
  • Page Caching feature
  • Provides front-end redaction
  • Supports for ACL element

Totally Free

It is one Content Management System that is free to use, download and upgrade. Yes, it is totally free without any charges other than buying paid extensions, themes and other premium services it is totally free to use. This makes Joomla stands above their competitors. All you need is a reliable web hosting service like "Ctrl A Hosting" and you are all set for launching your next website.

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