Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Archive your important emails in a managed environment using our indexing tool and protect it safely on our secure vault.


What is Email Archiving?

E-mail archiving service is a practice of storing important, sensitive or business-related emails to a secure and controlled environment for the use in future. Thus, we offer you a systematic approach to save your data in the form of emails and protect them from threats. By email archiving, you can be sure of retrieving it whenever you need them because they will be stored on our most secure servers protected using many security protocols. This will keeps your data safer, and easy to recover for later you. All your messages are very well indexed in order to make it easier to find the particular mail you need anytime. We provide all these benefits at a very reasonable price. We also feature rapid search functionality that makes it a lot easier to search for your desired email that you might be looking for. Our email archiving service is run and maintained by the professional database experts that are well dedicated to providing the best to our customers.



Better Storage Management

Easy Restoration

Improved Server Performance

Unlimited Mailbox

With having an email archiving service you are free from the mailbox quota limits that are not reliable and cause problems after your quota is full. Email archiving provides you the benefit of archiving millions of emails without any limit.

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