Cloud Database

Cloud Database

With our state of the art cloud database solutions, managing your cloud storage has never been easier. We provide fast, secure and easy to manage service at a very reasonable cost.

What is Cloud Database?

Before knowing what is cloud database, let's know what is a simple database. A database is a collection of data or files that may vary in size, type, and structure and has various ways to access it. In a similar manner Cloud database is a service that is developed especially to access the data this is stored on the cloud servers. It has all the features of a regular database except in addition to the feature of cloud computing. Cloud Database solutions provide companies with the benefit of using our database without the need of setting up an infrastructure and dedicated hardware. It is flexible and can be managed easily without the need for any IT professional. Our cloud database supports MySQL and you can easily access our cloud database with our API. If your business is on the rise and you need more storage, it's easily possible through our cloud database, you need more, we provide more. Only Pay for what you are using without any extra or hidden charges. Your data is always secured with us, in case of any disaster, data loss or any other vulnerability you can easily get your sensitive important data back through our cloud servers that are being managed by our professional IT engineers.


Facets of a Cloud Database


It empowers users to work from a remote location easily using an internet connection. With an easy to use Web interface, it makes accessing and managing the cloud database very easy. Cloud computing makes it easier for large organizations and other businesses to reach their employees easily and present them with the required information remotely within few seconds.

Disaster Management

During any natural disaster, data loss or any kind of vulnerability your data will not be compromised and be safe and sound within our cloud database. You can easily access it anytime, from any location and on any device. This gives you the assurance of safety and makes the data recovery easy and fast.

Cost Effective

Opting for a cloud storage saves you a lot by eliminating the cost that is used to purchase external hard drives or other storage devices and also save your time in manually backing up tons of data to these devices. You also don't need any additional servers that are quite costly and takes too much maintenance along with extra IT professionals to take care of it. With cloud storage, you can get infinite storage space and don't have the hassle to maintain anything on your own and all that too at a very affordable price.

Practical Tools

In order to avoid the hassles related to sending tons of files manually either by emails or any other method, requires a lot of time and effort. Transferring files back and forth can be a tiresome process. But, if you have stored all your files in a cloud storage then you don't need to do anything. You can simply grant access to who so ever you wish to send files, after granting them access for a particular file they will be able to access those files sitting anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and few mouse clicks. This will boost your company's productivity and save a lot of time and let you focus on other important things.

Our Cloud Server Offerings

Quick and Easy Monitoring

With our cloud database solution, you can easily monitor the resources by using our integrated cloud monitoring tools that will visually display the information about Memory, CPU, Network, Disk Storage Space and also various database related steps for MySQL to make your task easier.

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