Cloud CDN


CDN or Content Delivery Network is used for a large portion of the internet nowadays to store contents like scrips, media files, text, graphics, software, documents and another type of files that can be downloaded through the internet. In a content delivery network, the proxy servers and their respective data centers are distributed globally in order to provide the user with blazing fast speeds and better performance. If any company wants to deliver a large number of their resources to the audience globally CDN's are preferred. It provides reduced latency, instant website load times, less bandwidth consumption, more secure and protected from any cyber attacks. Today more than 70% of organizations use the content delivery network to expedite online transactions, mobile content, static and dynamic content, videos, images and lot of another type of files.

Cloud CDN.

Cloud CDN provides quick load times, improved performance along with better user experience.

Various Key Facets of a Content Delivery Network

  • Better Response Times : Today just a little delay in loading your website can cause a huge loss to your company. Better latency and speed in today's time are the two most important aspects of providing a huge boost to your company and make a profit. A dependable Content Delivery Network ensure blazing fast speeds, quick online transactions, and seamless response time.
  • Empower Globally : Content delivery network enables your business to reach across the globe. Over one-third of the world's population is using the internet and it is still expanding. CDN provides the content distribution over a very wide area with the use of local POPs. This will make the load times faster and eliminate the latency issues that cause problems in the long distant transactions and slower speeds.
  • DDoS Protection : DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks are increasing and has a huge impact on the economic losses. Whenever anyone makes an online transaction any types in their credit card credentials, they are indirectly putting their trust in that business and needs to be protected from such kinds of attacks. With Content Delivery Network you are more secure as compared to another type of services as it adds a layer of security between the data and the user. These are well designed in such a way that an attack can be stopped before ever reaching the data centers. It is best suited and tested for a huge load of traffic and keeps your website live every time. You don't have to worry about any such attacks and boost your business greatly.
  • Saves a lot of money : If you have a low budget, the CDN is a way to go. It saves you from the high charges of investing in many service providers and infrastructure across the world. Whereas, a CDN provides you with a common platform for all your requirements. It greatly saves you from spending money on expensive hosting services in other countries. Now with CDN, you can expand your business across numerous regions for a really reasonable price.
  • Smart Analytics : CDN does not only provide a blazing fast load time but also let you discover the latest trends online, what people are searching for and a lot of other things at no cost. It will help you greatly boost your business by making better advertisements display on your website that will make you huge profits. It can tell you the statics about all the usage logs that have been accessed by the customers worldwide. If you've still not hired a CDN yet then this is your golden chance.

Benefits of Cloud CDN

Blazing fast load time

More Satisfied customers

Easy to manage Traffic Peaks

More secure and improved

Helps your business reach globally

99.99% uptime guaranteed

Analytics report

Very much cost effective

Decreased server load

24/7/365 Customer Support

Increased number of simultaneous customers

Munin and Nagios support for monitoring and reporting of CDN

Fully secured online transactions

Suitable for E-commerce, media, and advertising, Education, business websites etc.

Increased number of simultaneous customers

Easy to setup, CDN from your own cloud infrastructure

Benefits of Cloud CDN

  • Increased Conversions
  • More Revenue
  • Happier Customers
  • Better SEO

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