Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server is, on the whole, an arrangement in which you get a complete server setup assigned to only your organization. It is not shared with anyone, unlike the public servers. It can be used for hosting any type of resources online such as applications, services or for storing of your important data files securely within a server. Dedicated Servers gives you the ability to choose the operating system along with the hardware (CPU, RAM, Disk Space) that best suits your business needs. No worry about maintaining the servers as all the maintenance and care is done by our professional team of experts in order to ensure that all your data is safe and sound. We have very strict security measures making it safer, and easier for our clients to trust us. Dedicated servers provide your company with a unique IP address in order to make sure that your website rank is not compromised and placed in a higher position in the list. Dedicated servers make your resources more private and restrict unauthorized access making it available all the time with no or very minimal downtimes. It can manage a higher number of traffic with an ease, which is not possible with a shared hosting service. If you want your business to make huge profits and make it's online presence greater then Dedicated Server is a way to go with. Only dedicated servers will the demands of your growing online business and make it grow even further.

Better Security : Opposite to the shared servers, Dedicated servers provide you a higher level of security. You are not sharing your space with spammers, malicious websites or adult websites, all these can lead to a lower ranking of your website and can ruin your business before even the start.

Reliable and Performance Oriented : When you are getting a dedicated server, you are getting a whole separate space for your business without any unauthorized access to your resources, making your website up and running with no downtimes or technical errors. It is also one of the best options that are suited to handle very large traffic without crashing. It will make your business up to the mark with other competitors.

Ability to customize : Customizable dedicated server. Your business, your needs, with dedicated servers you the ability to customize the server according to your own needs in the stipulation of Hardware such as CPU, RAM, disk size along with your desired software.

Unique IP Address : With a dedicated server you get the advantage of having a unique IP address, though might not sound like a big deal, a unique IP Address is a lot more valuable than you think. In a shared network, you are sharing the same IP address with your servers tenants, they might be spammers, adult content holders or anyone due to which your site might be compromised and be placed at a lower rank. Thus, having a unique IP address help you I avoiding such unfavorable causes.

Premium Support : We are available for you 24/7/365. In case of any kind of issue, you will be assisted by our professionally trained expert server engineers that will help you in any scenario and get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our motivation!

Why Choose Our Dedicated Server Hosting

  • CentOS 3.9Free

    • CentOS 4.7Free
    • CentOS 4.7 x64Free
    • CentOS 5.3Free
    • CentOS 5.3 x64Free
    • Citrix XenServer 5.5Free

    Redhat Enterprise Linux 3.9

    • CentOS 4.7Free
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.7
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.7 x64
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.3
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.3 x64

    Windows Server 2008 Datacenter

    • Windows Server 2008 Datacenter x64
    • Windows Server 2008 Standard
    • Windows Server 2008 Standard x64
    • Windows Web Server 2008
    • Windows Web Server 2008 x64

    Debian 4.0Free

    • Debian 4.0 x64Free
    • Debian 5.0 Free
    • Debian 5.0 x64Free

    Windows 2003 Enterprise

    • Windows 2003 Enterprise x64
    • Windows 2003 Standard
    • Windows 2003 Standard x64
    • Windows 2003 Web

    Ubuntu 8.04 Free

    • Ubuntu 8.04 x64Free
    • Ubuntu 8.10Free
    • Ubuntu 8.10 x64Free
    • Ubuntu 9.04 x64Free
    • Ubuntu 9.04 x86Free

    Debian 4.0Free

    • Debian 4.0 x64Free
    • Debian 5.0 Free
    • Debian 5.0 x64Free

    Fedora Core 10Free

    • Fedora Core 10 x64Free
    • Fedora Core 11Free
    • Fedora Core 11 x64Free
    • Fedora Core 5Free
    • Fedora Core 6Free
    • Fedora Core 7Free
    • Fedora Core 8Free
    • Fedora Core 8 x64Free
    • Fedora Core 9Free
    • Fedora Core 9 x64Free
    • FreeBSD 5.4Free
    • FreeBSD 6.3Free
    • FreeBSD 6.3 x64Free
    • FreeBSD 7.0Free
    • FreeBSD 7.0 x64Free

    Ready 2 Go CentOS 3.9Free

    • Ready 2 Go CentOS 4.7Free
    • Ready 2 Go CentOS 4.7 x64Free
    • Ready 2 Go CentOS 5.2 x64 Free
    • Ready 2 Go CentOS 5.3Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 10Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 10 x64Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 5Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 5 x64Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 6Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 7Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 7 x64Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 8Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 8 x64Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 9Free
    • Ready 2 Go Fedora Core 9 x64Free
    • SQL 2005 Database (Hosted)
    • SQL Server 2000 Standard
    • SQL Server 2008 Standard
    • SQL Server 2005 Workgroup
    • SQL Server 2005 Standard
    • SQL Server 2005 Workgroup
    • SQL Server 2008 Web Edition
    • Dell DRAC 4 (Dell Servers Only)
    • KVMIP
    • Remote Reset (NonDell Servers)
    • Basic – Unmanaged – Included
    • SilverSelf Managed
    • GoldSemi Managed
    • PlatinumManaged
    • Titanium Fully Managed
    • Memory Upgrade Options are available from 2 GB to 48 GB depending on the Configurations of Server . Please select the Server Plan and Customize your server to check the up gradation Costs
    • HDD Upgrade Options are available from 160 GB 7200 RPM to 1 TB 7200 RPM depending on the Configurations of Server . Please select the Server Plan and Customize your server to check the upgradation Costs
    • Dedicated Watchguard X 500
    • Watchguard Firebox X 500
    • Juniper Shared Firewall : Per Month
    • 10GB of NAS
    • 20GB of NAS
    • 30GB of NAS
    • 40GB of NAS
    • Block of 16 IP Addresses
    • Block of 32 IP Addresses
    • Block of 8 IP Addresses
    • 2000 GB Included
    • Additional 500 GB Bandwidth
    • 100 Mbps Uplink(Data Transfer Limit 500 GB)
    • Additional 1000 GB Bandwidth
    • 100 Mbps Shared Unmeter Link
    • Additional 2000 GB Bandwidth
    • 10 Mbps–Unmetered
    • 100 Mbps Shared Unmeter Link
  • CPanel

    • Helm 4 Lite 100 Domains
    • Helm 4 Lite Unlimited Domains
    • Parallels Pro Control Panel X 100 Domains
    • Parallels Pro Control Panel X Unlimited

    Plesk Panel

    • Plesk 100 Domain With Power Pack
    • Plesk Plus
    • Plesk Unlimited Domain
    • Plesk Unlimited Domain With Power Pack

Benefits of dedicated servers

Max Flexibility

Customize your Server, network & storage as you wish

Uptime Guarantee

99.99% Network Uptime & 99.95% Server Uptime Guarantee


ZERO Setup Fee Min term: 1 month, Extremely Fast Setup

Performance On Demand

Instantly deploy dedicated servers across Internap's global assistance.


Free Professional & Reliable Support at a fixed price

24 x 7 Tech Support

24x7 Tech Support by highly trained Dedicated Server Engineers